From a range of quality wines to specialist Indian and Asian beers and including a wide range of packaged alcoholic and soft drinks products, we can cover the majority of needs for our wide range of customers…all at competitive prices. Contact us for more details and pricing.

Beers and ciders:

Our range is driven by our customer’s needs. Whilst we act as a beer wholesaler, we have direct contact with many of the brand owners and, as such, can organise installations and support for our customers. Major brands are always in stock and we have also specialised in Asian beers for a number of years and have a large customer base stocking brands such as Kingfisher, Cobra and Singha on draught (and many more brands in bottles) throughout Dorset, Hampshire and south Wiltshire.

Soft Drinks:
As well as our own draught soft drinks systems, we stock a large range of packaged soft drinks, including different varieties of water (Hildon, Voss), adult soft drinks (Bottlegreen, Frobishers, Fentimans, Fever Tree,) as well as the Coca Cola Schweppes range in many formats.

We believe that the quality and consistency of wine is paramount…not forgetting the cost, of course. Our range is carefully selected to be realistic in price whilst not compromising on quality or consistency and hopefully cover all your needs. However, if we don’t stock something you need, just ask. We have been a wine wholesaler and supplier for many years and our suppliers have thousands of wines.

We have our own stock of gas bottles (all certificated) and can supply CO2, 60/40 and 70/30 cylinders in 10L size

We now stock a full range of spirits including the established major brand names and new artisan products

Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS)

We are a legimate wholesaler registered on the AWRS and our unique reference number (URN) is XMAW00000103775

Draught soft drinks

Draught soft drinks systems built to individual needs, installed and maintained FREE OF CHARGE, subject to purchasing agreement.

Beers and ciders:

We stock a variety of draught and packaged beers and ciders including brand leaders such as Becks Vier, Carlsberg, Fosters, Stella Artois, San Miguel, Peroni, Thatchers Gold, Stowford Press, Magners and many more. Our range also includes many speciality Asian brands including Kingfisher, Cobra, Singha and Chang.

Soft Drinks:

Within our current stocked range, we offer the Coca Cola Schweppes range in most of the different pack formats and sizes, Hildon water, Fentimans, Fever Tree, Bottlegreen ranges, Frobishers juices and a range of carton juices. If you don’t see everything you need, just ask, as we are normally able to source what you want.

Wines & Spirits:

We can offer a full wine/drinks list design and printing service FREE of charge for any customer purchasing all their wines directly from us. Our wines cannot be found in the shops or cash and carry (except a couple of champagnes we stock) and are sourced directly from the brand owners/producers ensuring the highest possible consistency in both quality and supply.

See our NEW EXCLUSIVE wine range here

Our range of spirits includes established, recognisable brand names alongside new artisan products


We stock CO2, 60/40 and 70/30 cylinders, all in 10L size